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Title: Empowherment Series. five women of different ages and races smile at the viewer.
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Networking? What is it? How is it done? Don't worry–we will show you! 


Join the Women's EmpowHERment Group for an interactive virtual networking event on Tuesday, December 7, 4:30–6 pm! During this event, you will learn strategies for building your network, engage in networking activities, and hear networking advice from local entrepreneurs and community leaders. Then, you will practice and walk away with new networking skills! 


RSVP's required! Use this link: https://bit.ly/HowIsYourNETworking


We will send additional information about the event and how to use the Gatheround platform. 


Have questions or concerns?  

Let us know at andrea@ywcauofi.org or 217/344-0721

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The mission of the EmpowerHERment Series is to empower women in our community to take the next step in their careers.

Advance Your Career

Attain New Skills

Overcome Obstacles

Find Your Balance

Achieve (Succeed)

Join our Facebook group for advice, discussions, support, and solidarity from powerful women in our community!

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